Our mission

We develop propulsion, suspension, control & IoT systems for the next generation of High-Speed Railways, with an ultimate goal to apply them in hyperloop.

Our unique magrail technology is to considerably increase the speed of conventional railways up to 550 kph (340 mph). It allows for the use of magnetic levitation within the existing railway infrastructure. We aim to help the railway industry regain its competitive edge, thus laying the foundation for a gradual transformation into a full hyperloop system in the future.

Our accomplishments & goals

We have already completed the first magrail tests on a medium-sized track – with a focus on the performance of a linear motor. In mid-2021 we are planning to start construction of the full-scale test-track. 

We have gained significant market traction with leading European railway infrastructure managers and started a first co-development cooperation within the hyperloop segment. With one of our partners, we plan to start a magrail pilot in 2023/24.